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What is K-TAG Europe?

"Korea Technology Advisory Group (K-TAG) Europe" is a group of Korean science and engineering experts based in Europe. Drawing on its professional experience in Korea and Europe, K-TAG Europe acts as a bridge between Korean and European R&D players.

There are currently in total 100 K-TAG Europe members and 11 experts in the field of Next generation semiconductor, Future Mobility and Energy will be in Seoul for 2023 Korea Eureka Day to meet all of you!

K-TAG Europe Seminar 

  • When?  31st October 2023, from 09:30 to 12:30 (Korea time)
  • Where? Lotte Hotel Seoul (Link)
  • What? Presentations by K-TAG and Q&A session (see details)

K-TAG Europe 1:1 Meeting 

Are you new to international collaboration, or would you like to collaborate with Europe or Korea but don't know how to get started? 11 experts from K-TAG Europe are available for face-to-face consultations! 

  • When? 31st October 2023, from 13:30 to 18:00 (Korea time)
  • Where? Lotte Hotel Seoul (Link)
  • How? Go to "Agenda" and select "K-TAG Meeting", search for their profile (see below) and request a meeting! (After both participants accept certain meeting time, the meeting schedule and table will be set)

Name and Title Technology / Consulting areas

Dr. Migeun Park- the UK

(Campsie Initiative Ltd, Director)
  • Environmental Engineering/ Water Treatment
  • Material: Thin Film Coating
  • Energy Technology / ESS
  • Building up consortium and preparing proposal for international R&D programme

Dr. Taeyoung Han- Germany

(FRAUNHOFER IKTS, Senior Manager
Production of SOEC-based Green Energy
  • Green hydrogen, Green armonia, Electric-based fuel
Cooperation topics on production of SOEC-based Green Energy
  • Joint global R&D projects
  • Technology transfer

Dr. Junbeum Kim- France
(University of Technology of Troyes, Professor)
  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment, Energy and Carbon reduction assessment for products, service and systems
  • Smart mobility and renewable energy system analysis; Critical material recovery from emerging waste (PV, wind power, LED lamps etc.)
  • Cost and Environmental reduction assessment and carbon neutrality by future mobility system
  • Carbon neutrality contribution assessment of future mobility system
  • European project consulting

Dr. Dowon Bae- the UK 

(Heriot-Watt University, Professor)
  • Thermogalvanic cell
  • Electrolytes for redox flow batteries
  • Photoelectrochemical devices

Dr. Hyungwoong Ahn- the UK
(University of Edinburgh, Senior Lecturer)
  • Advanced gas separation processes
  • CO2 capture processes: absorption, adsorption, fluidization, etc. / blue hydrogen production technologies
  • Design and simulation of chemical and energy processes including process integration and intensification

Dr. Man wook Han - Austria

(Korean Association of Scientists and Engineers in Austria, President)

  • Consulting in the area of autonomous driving technologies
  • Finding right partner companies for technology collaboration

Dr. Juhan Lee- Germany
(Heraeus Battery Technology, Project Manager Innovation)
  • Characterization of battery materials and battery cells, as well as evaluation and analysis of battery performance 
  • Automation of battery performance evaluation

Dr. Sung Kyo Jung- Belgium
(Goodix Technology, AI/DSP Researcher)
  • Voice/Audio Signal Processing
  • Machine learning/Deep learning
  • Edge AI/Embedded AI
  • Computer vision/Object detection/Object tracking
  • Smart sensor (e.g. contactless pattern/motion recognition sensor)
  • Blockchain

Dr. Jangyong Kim- the UK
(University of Edinburgh, Senior Research Fellow)
  • Nano-Composite Materials for Semiconductors
  • High-k Thin Film Materials
  • Ferroelectric and Ferromagnetic Materials
  • Optoelectronic Materials
  • Sensor Materials and Devices
  • Semiconductor Devices and Processing
  • Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Electrical and Electronic Components

Dr. Jeongwook Koh- Germany

(RENESAS ELECTRONICS Germany, Principal Analog Engineer)
  • Internet of Thing 
  • Automotive/Industrial CMOS Sensor
  • Next Generation CMOS Analog Systems
  • CMOS Mobile RFIC
  • CMOS Mobile Sensor IC

Dr. Jang-Kwon Lim- Sweden
(RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Senior Research Scientist)
  • Wide Bandgap Power Devices and Electronics
  • Power Semiconductor Devices, Processing, Driving circuit, and Power System
  • Power Devices / Sensors
  • Application Testing